A Message From Alaa Ammuss:

When I was younger, I went to an Islamic School that I loved… well, for the most part! I definitely did not love our school uniforms. I didn’t feel fashionable and modest, and I didn’t realize until later how this affected the quality of my education. It also had a negative impact on my ability to focus in class, and how I interacted with other classmates.

There is no doubt that what our children, both boys and girls, wear to school has an impact on their learning experience. Our clothing — for pre-teens, teens, and adults — is a form of artistic expression. It is our subtle way of communicating with others, and it plays a huge role in how we see ourselves. And yes, this is also true for our own daughters and sons.

To give young girls and boys today a chance to experience what we didn’t — Verona has launched its first ever Uniform Collection for students attending Islamic School!

We have been working hard for the past year to make this collection as refined as possible. We have spent countless nights trying to solve design problems we came across to ensure all items are ready to be in your childrens’ closets.

Our hope is that these uniforms give our boys and girls a new kind of excitement for school.

When they get ready and dressed in the morning, May they be reminded of the kind, bold and courageous individuals they are and will continue to blossom into.


  • Lisa is an activist and humanitarian. Aside from modest fashion she is Passionate about Creating Change and Working Towards a better World.
  • As a Survivor of domestic violence, She has dedicated life to helping other survivors and victims.
  • She is single mom with two beautiful boys.
  • This is one most donit know Lisa was a NCAA Ranked Softball player at Chatham University.
  • She has to have her Starbucks coffee every day, and sometimes every night. (Shh)
  • She is a huge fan of basketball. She says she is an amazing point guard (but Lisa says she is lying)
  • She can give up all the food in the world except for chocolate.
  • She drives Lisa crazy.
  • Alaa is deathly afraid to fly!